Extending the life of our jewels is very simple, just follow these small precautions that we will give you:
• Avoid spreading creams or spraying perfume directly on the jewel.
• Avoid contact with detergents or aggressive substances. < br> • Avoid wearing them while diving in swimming pools (including spas), at the sea and in the shower.
• The silver can only be washed with water and / or specific products, use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the material.
• Do not wear the products while sunbathing, playing sports or sleeping in order to avoid contact with sweat and possible damage due to bumps and scratches.

When not worn: < br> • In the case of necklaces and / or bracelets with closure, it is advisable to store them closed.
• For very long and, above all, multi-chain necklaces, it would be advisable to hang the object to avoid entangling it.

• Clean the products regularly, for example with a mic cloth rofibra or lukewarm water with a little dishwashing liquid / soap (then dry them carefully!) to avoid deposits which, over time, could damage the surface.

Please respect the recommendations data for the maintenance and care of bijoux.