The 9MM Jewelry brand takes its name from the creative intuition that underlies its success and its specificity. The collections of accessories for men and women are made starting from 9 mm caliber cases.
We believe that these elements are characterized by being extremely communicative and rich in infinite nuances. In this way, each accessory is absolutely unique and tailor-made for the customer.
Born on 1 July 2018, 9MM Jewerly immediately attracted general attention all over the world, precisely due to the characteristics of the accessories offered and to convey a highly personalized, unique and decisive style, made for people of character. At the same time, the company's sense is based on evolution and transformation, adapting and modifying the 9 mm bullets in shape and substance to create Bullet jewelry that blend geometric lines, design, finishes and refined details in a balanced mix. .
The 9MM brand takes advantage of the fact that the caliber used is known all over the world and has become a symbol of the Italian industry. Precisely for this reason it is defined as the Italian 9MM. All 9MM Jewelry collections manage to combine the strength of tradition, the beauty of Made in Italy, the craftsmanship of materials and creative innovation to give life to unmistakable and unique jewels. The trademark of this brand consists precisely of the insertion of one or more 9 mm bullets, so as to make these accessories particularly suitable for strong personalities, who want to dress with style and highlight the clothing with unique objects of great elegance. and taste. The obsessive attention to detail, the utmost attention to detail and the studied and artisanal preparation of each single piece make these solutions an excellent gift idea for women and a gift idea for men for the most important occasions, such as Christmas, for an anniversary gift. or an idea for a birthday present. To give shine and greater value to the accessories, they are inserted in the center of the high-quality swarovski bullet of the PRECIOSA company and the finish is achieved through baths in silver, 24-karat gold, 18-karat rose gold and black rhodium. Italian-French 925/1000 sterling silver chains. The 9MM Jewerly brand offers different collections for men and women, necklaces for him and her, earrings with pendants and bracelets in Italian leather made in an artisanal way.
The whole collection represents great safety for the wearer as our entire line is entirely made with hypoallergenic stainless steel or 925/1000 sterling silver.